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I have been inspired by my mother and grandmothers to bring our family sauce recipes to you!  Family is what life is all about and food often brings family together.  I have been making sauce and homemade pasta for over 20 years and will continue for many more! --Michael De Massimo, Owner

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De Massimo’s Authentic Sauces is proud to bring a part of our family to yours! As children, Sunday pasta meals were an experience. The aroma of the sauce simmering on the stove while Nonna put the final touches on it still evokes memories from the past. Love and laughter were at the center of those meals and our family’s sauce made the experience even better. We are blessed to bring pieces of our family tradition to you with sauces that have been in the De Massimo family for generations. From Abruzzo, Italy to your home, we hope you enjoy our sauces and they play an important part in your family’s fond memories.  Sugo Della Mia Famiglia! – “The Sauce of My Family!”

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